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  • What is the method to post an ad?

    If you want to post an ad at Z onlineshop, it is not a difficult task. You can submit your ad with no cost by clicking “POST FREE AD” button that you can found at the top-right side of the pages. To post an ad is simple and quicker. After clicking you just follow the given instructions. You ad should contain an attractive and suitable title and also description about it.

  • Can I upload the images of ad?

    Yes, you can also include images of your ad. Moreover you should ensure an account at Z onlineshop to verify your email address so that you can see the online presence of your ad.

  • What is the solution when there is no appropriate category for my ad?

    At first, you have to try to fit your category in a mentioned list but if you don’t find a fitting category, you can inform the desirable list at us. You can send your suggestion by fulfilling our contact form. We will be glad to include it in our list.

  • Is it possible to post an ad on the mobile/App site?

    To post classified ad through mobile or app page is also free on Z onlineshop. You have to just click the mentioned button and follow the instruction. Be ensuring that you have created a Z onlineshop account.

  • What is the method to upload images in my ad?

    Initially, you have to login at your account. After login succeeded, go to “My Ads”, and click “Edit” button next to the relevant ad. Following are the steps: Click on the camera picture and choose an image which is already saved in your computer Click “Open” to post the chosen image to your ad Remember, you can upload image at JPEG/GIF/PNG format. The maximum size of image can be 20 MB per image. You can also embed the image within ads using the “img” HTML tag.

  • Can I use URLs or HTML tags in my ads?

    Z onlineshop permits limited linkable and HTML URLs in ads. Keep in mind that you are not permitted to connect with further classified sites; also, your ad will not be accepted if your ad has only consisted of links.

  • Can I post an ad in multiple locations?

    We request to post an ad in the area that is near to your location or city because we prefer local trading. But on concerning the demand of the customer, we offer Premium Features at a suitable cost. You can purchase it to post in various cities or nation wise. Premium Features will enable to expand the reach of your ad.

  • Can I also propose my service in non-service categories?

    Yes, you can put forward your services in non-service category in a case if you promote your ad with Premium Feature “Category Extension” as a Top Ad. On the other hand, service-related ads are simple and easy to be placed for service providers. For this purpose, you can find the category “Services” and then select the relative sub-category.

  • Can I send several ads?

    Yes, you can. If you post more than 1,000 ads, we provide you the opportunity to become a Z onlineshop partner. By this partnership, you can upload multiple ads via XML or CSV files.

  • How much I have to pay to post commercial ad?

    You have to pay nothing because at Z onlineshop, ads posting is free for both commercial and private level. However, there are a few selected categories that require Premium Features to active your ad. There are some restrictions to trade at a commercial level such as you have to obey and work under those laws that are applicable commercially in your local country.

  • What should I do when I have not received a confirmation email?

    You have to check your spam folder to check whether the email is present there or not. If it is not present, then you can contact us by submitting our contact form and do inform us that you have not received a confirmation email.

  • Why the Captcha code doesn’t work?

    Mainly it happens when your browser don’t have JavaScript so if Captcha code is not working, you have to use another browser and ensure that your changed browser support or accepts JavaScript. Also make sure that all cookies are guaranteed. You can easily find JavaScript if you need it to install in your browser. You have to simply go at, and download it.

  • What is the reason of getting an error message when I try to post an ad?

    If you receive an error message, you have to ensure that your ad does not break our policy. Content is prohibited due to different reasons such as: Z onlineshop permits to post only local ads, means referring the area or location where you are currently living. If you are in different country, you will be not able to upload the ad until you purchase Premium Features. It is necessary to include title and description of the ad in the message to get better assistance. If you are completing all above mentioned conditions and still facing the problem, contact us through our contact form.

  • Do I need to verify my phone number?

    Yes, we recommend verifying the user’s phone number for safety reasons. It helps us to post scam free ads at the site. It is ensured that your phone number will not be shown to other users neither can be used for marketing purposes.

  • What do I do when the confirmation of my phone number doesn’t work?

    You should please check that you have typed correct phone number. If it is right and still you don’t receive a call or a text with a confirmation code, we request you to provide information about your problem at our Customer Service by submitting our contact form.

  • Why are Premium Features obligatory in some areas?

    To purchase at least one Premium Feature is mandatory to active your ad in some areas, it is due to prevent violent ad posting by some professional agencies and spammers. This feature ensures the quality of content at our site.